491110 Drawbolt

For heavy duty draw action. High hole position in the top prevents rivets splitting wood box beveled edges. Also in plain steel, no hole for spot welding.

49111 Drawbolt

Same as #491110, except for the right angle top. This bolt is widely used replacing screws in securing the lid of the outside shipping box for caskets.

44333 Drawbolt

A sturdy guarded drawbolt which has a crimped wire loop, three rivet holes in bottom section. Also in plain steel, no hole for spot welding. Specify 44333.


Also for narrow lid boxes and for offsets up to 5/32". The top is flat with no raised edge.

44333 5/8

This top has the same depth of bevel as the bottom. No offset. Used for narrow lids.

435 Drawbolt

Smaller, more recent variation of the #44333 drawbolt. Only two rivets in the bottom.

435-1 Drawbolt

Includes a sturdy link for a padlock. This bolt, in aluminum, is popular on fishing tackle boxes.

44334 Drawbolt (Covered)

Medium size drawbolt with sufficient leverage to pull the lid down tight and secure with little effort. Beveled edges and countersunk holes.

44444 Drawbolt (Covered)

Large size draw type bolt. A lip on the inside end of the loop is pulled into a slot in the top for maximum security. Edges beveled, holes countersunk.

42 Spring Compression Drawbolt

Three powerful, concealed springs are preloaded at 42 pounds. With a 1/8 extension of the loop as the bolt is closed, the load increases up to a minimum of 70 pounds. When used with a rubber gasket, complete submersion-proofing is effected. Believed to be the most powerful draw action of its type yet devised.

41 Miniature Drawbolt

A tiny, but sturdy drawbolt, less than 1¼" overall, including the top. Only two screws or rivets required. It is self-aligning under tension.



This smart series has hidden talent. Try its unique action to appreciate it. With one finger the lever is raised to the vertical, -- let go, and it pops open. Surface mounting.

4404 5/8 Clawbolt

All rivets and top completely covered. Top has one hole, and projections which bite into the material to prevent turning.

All these tops are interchangeable, and all are completely hidden in the closed position.
4404 Top
One Rivet. Prongs bite into wood and prevent turning.
4404 1/8 Top
For use on plastic or metal boxes. The top is flat with two holes completely hidden. For use with 4440 lock specify #38 top (not illustrated). For use with lock #38 top has slot.
4440 Top
Same but with two hole top. Also has lip and slot union between the top and bottom of the bolt.
4303-4 Top 4303-4A Top 4303-11 Top
4303 Top

Standard one hole top.
4303-1 Top

For hard materials, two holes.
4303 Clawbolt
For flush mounting, automatic opening, the standard top is included unless otherwise indicated.
4303 3/8 Clawbolt
To span small valances.
4303-1 Clawbolt
#4303-1 normally supplied for large valances. Several additional tops and cutouts are available (not illustrated) for various size valances.


4202 Drawbolt

Although cut out to span a piping or valance, it is often used for flush applications.

4203 Drawbolt

Hidden notched lip aids self-alignment, security and inhibits lateral play.


4402 Drawbolt

Modern, uncluttered design. A choice of tops enables both lock and drawbolt to be used in a variety of applications, both on molded and wood box construction.

4442 1/8 Top
4442 3/8 Top
4442 1/2 Top
4442 3/4 Top

4402½ Clawbolt

Clawbolt and matching lock available with or without cut-out (please specify). #4402½ clawbolt often used with two #4303 tops to hold together the lid and two speakers on stereo-phonographs. Rattle-proof ... one catch does the job of three.

The idea lock or bolt for molded cases. Excelsior offers many variations not illustrated. Through special cut-outs, offsets and tops. Most valance problems can be overcome. Also available no cut-out

4403 Clawbolt

4403 1/8 Clawbolt


Medium Size

447 Drawbolt

Especially designed for stereophonic equipment. Holes are far enough apart between the top and the bottom to avoid riveting into the corner reinforcing blocks. With locking mechanism, specify #37 lock.

446 Drawbolt

Same action as #447 drawbolt, but shorter length.

448 Drawbolt
The same action as #447 only wider with the same length.

All of the above drawbolts and lock (except 446) are adaptable for flush application or to span valances on molded cases. The standard cut-out is 21/32" wide x 1/16" deep. To open, simply push forward on the bottom and the whole lock or catch raises horizontally. The cover does not flap backwards, -- An action unique to this type of cantilever draw action.

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