4460 Catch
For the portable case field. Fills a long felt need for priced catch yet one with modern style and appearance.
4461 Catch
This catch is made for users who have price as a main consideration.
Both of the above are available with low holes in the bottoms.
4222 Catch
The lug in the top is made from solid stock, multiple riveted, built-in dowel. Also available in plain steel, no hole for spot welding.
4262 Catch
Where price is a factor, the lug is formed instead of solid. Otherwise the same as #4222 with interchangeable hole dimensions.
4222½ Catch
For massive appearance with a 3/16" beveled edge and countersunk rivet holes. Solid lug in top.
4573 Catch
4573 3/4 Catch with bottom trimmed.

Above features a single riveted stud in the top, with a wide loop enabling speed of alignment in mounting and therefore faster production. For extremely narrow lids, at no charge, we trim the top straight across. This is #4573 3/4. Also available in plain steel, no hole for spot welding.

Excelsior also produces a line of lunch box catches with prongs on an exclusive basis.

74 Catch
Flush catch built with minimum height to fit snug and sure against box covering.
75-1 Catch
75 Catch
72 Catch
New, attractive styling. Surface mounted with four rivets. Low priced. Combines quality with economy.
8039¼ Loop
5/16" high for 3/4" strap.

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