Complimenting our standard product line, American Handle directs a most important part of its capabilities toward the manufacture of custom designs and products, on an exclusive basis, for our discriminating customers. The standard styles are also modified to meet certain special requirements when called for.

ASSEMBLY 192C-5062-5180


Handle Style 192C-5062
The ultimate in strength and comfort. Live rubber is wrapped around the full length heavy duty spring steel inserts. It is then covered and stitched either with our standard material, or it can be custom made using your case covering material. Multi-layers of spring steel used to insure total reliability.

Hardware Style 5180
Corrosion resistant plating available in various finishes

ASSEMBLY 181C-5050-5060


Handle Style 181C-5060
Comfort and luxury are the password here. Live rubber is wrapped around a high tensile strength spring steel insert that runs the length of the entire handle. We then cover and stitch this with either our own quality covering or you can supply material to match your case. This gives your product the highest quality image, combined with comfort and strength.

Hardware Style 5050
Smart cover caps available in the finest jewelry-like finishes.

ASSEMBLY 192-5062-5180


Handle Style 192-5062
Leather-like embossing gives this style an appealing look. Virgin vinyl with a spring steel insert. The "Slyde-Gard" gives added security.

Hardware Style 5180
Heavy gauge mounting base is available for rivets or screws with positioning prong optional. The cover cap can be had in most finishes including brite, polished, and brushed. Our exclusive aluma-sheen finish matches the finish on most aluminum valances.

ASSEMBLY 181-5050-5060


Handle Style 181-5060
A sleek, strong handle using our incomparable "Slyde-Gard" assembly. The metal parts secure the ribbed virgin vinyl to the heavy spring steel insert that runs the length of the entire handle.

Hardware Style 5050
A perfect mate to the "Slyde-Gard" handle style. Available in a wide variety of preplated and standard finishes.

ASSEMBLY 181B-5050-5060


Handle Style 181B-5060
The rugged, flexible grip creates a most comfortable feel. Reinforced with tempered spring steel that runs the entire length of the handle for total strength. Can be mounted in a stationary or flexing position for maximum rise in the grip area. Available in various custom colors to compliment any design.

Hardware Style 5050
Sleek, low profile design to compliment your product. Available in a wide variety of finishes and mounting methods.

ASSEMBLY 192-5180


Handle Style 192
Heavy duty is the password here. Hefty virgin vinyl handle with tempered spring steel insert to carry heavy loads. Leatherette grained to blend with many applications. Special colors and lengths available.

Hardware Style 5180
Contoured lines designed to give your item that clean look. Cover caps hide the mounting method, be it rivets or our pre-assembled staked screws. Corrosion resistant finishes to your specifications.

ASSEMBLY 186F-193-5050


Handle Style 186F-193
This thick handle within a handle combination is the ultimate in comfort for its class. The high tensile steel insert gives both strength and confidence for your heavy products. Our standard lengths and colors can be modified to your specifications.

Hardware Style 5050
Available in commercial, preplated and luxury finishes. Staked in shoulder screws can be added for mounting ease.

ASSEMBLY 183-5050


Handle Style 183
This most versatile style is made of crystal clear virgin vinyl. It is perfect for use with a decorative insert. The handle protects the printing inside, while the strong spring steel insert assures its reliability.

Hardware Style 5050
Cover caps, available in various finishes, hide mounting method.

ASSEMBLY 198-5054


Handle Style 198
Super duty flat strap handle using our widest spring steel inserts. Wrap-around grip adds comfort to the heaviest of requirements. Extra long slots allow maximum grip area for easy handling. Colors, lengths, and load carrying capacities to your specifications.

Hardware Style 5054
Oversized mounting bracket for extended rough service. Our largest and heaviest gauge cover cap. Complete with large countersunk hole and deep pointed rear positioning prong. Painted and plated finishes to meet most requirements.

ASSEMBLY 192F-5052


Handle Style 192F
Extra thick ribbed handle with wide, heavy duty spring steel inserts available. Just the handle for those extra heavy applications.

Hardware Style 5052
Heavy gauge metal with large, countersunk hole for screw applications. Prongs on either side of hardware keep the piece from swiveling. Available in finishes to meet your requirements.

ASSEMBLY 180-5040


Handle Style 180
Adds the confidence of a high tensile strength spring steel insert to a budget priced handle. Made of virgin vinyl and available in colors and lengths to your specifications.

Hardware Style 5040
Secure two hole mounting assures positive strength to any application. Plated finishes to meet your specific requirements.

ASSEMBLY 175-9406


Handle Style 175
An economically priced handle made of solid virgin vinyl. Can be made in lengths and colors to fit a variety of applications.

Hardware Style 9406
Offers a unique combination of style and ease of assembly. One rivet or screw at each end is all that is required. Available in lustrous corrosion resistant finishes.

ASSEMBLY 610R-5185-7215


Handle Style 610R
Foam cushioning wrapped around a metal insert, covered to match or contrast your product for a true luxury look.

Hardware Style 5185-7215
This deluxe swivel type series is available in a wide variety of luxury finishes. It can be had with various sizes of staked in shoulder screws. Heavy duty stamped link compliments this assembly.

ASSEMBLY 321R-7406-9929


Handle Style 321R
This unique handle has a grained recess which is capable of taking an overlay, from a walnut woodgrain pattern to a brushed aluminum insert. It can be used with a decorative insert, a nameplate, or simply plain. Available in virgin polyethylene, polypropylene or high impact styrene. Colors and inserts to your specifications.

Hardware Style 7406-9929
The decorative cover cap conceals the mounting base, which can be assembled by use of screws or rivets. The cover cap is available in a wide variety of finishes, including preplated and hand polished effects. A stamped or wire ring is available in various sizes, with silencers, upon request, for an absolutely rattle-proof assembly.

ASSEMBLY 321-9401-9929

Handle Style 321
A brand new design, especially made for luxury products. Good looking lines are accented by an embossed cross-hatch pattern. This handle has a contoured underside and is semi-flexible for ease of handling. Notice too, how well it hides the hardware. Prefect for limited mounting areas.

Hardware Style 9401-9929
Attractive die cast mounting hardware, smartly styled. Uses quick attaching self-threading fasteners for economical, high speed production line use. The curved and tapered ring is specially made for this assembly.

ASSEMBLY 231-7422-9926


Handle Style 231
Distinctive leather-like appearance from its fine embossing and raised, simulated stitching. Comfortable finger grips enhance the soft feel of this polyethylene handle.

Hardware Style 7422-9926
Easy-mount bracket is available in either one or two hole configuration. Bracket and ring can be preassembled to handle for a one step attachment. Various finishes available.

ASSEMBLY 21-5605

Assembly 21-5605
A new loop handle and catch combination. Attached in one simple operation for economy. In virgin vinyl, styled with double layer thickness, the assembly comes complete with pre-attached catch, rivets are hidden.

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