Automatic Opening Claw Lock
This smart series has hidden talent. Try its unique action to appreciate it. With one finger, the lever is raised to the vertical, -- let go, and it pops open. Surface Mounting.
4440 Top

With two hole top. Has lip and slot union between the top and bottom of the bolt.

4442 Lock

Modern, uncluttered design. A choice of tops enables both lock and drawbolt to be used in a variety of applications, both on molded and wood box construction.

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4442½ Claw Lock

Clawbolt and matching lock available with or without cut-out (please specify). #4402½ clawbolt often used with two #4303 tops to hold together the lid and two speakers on stereo-phonographs. Rattle-proof ... one catch does the job

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4443 Claw Lock

The idea lock or bolt for molded cases. Excelsior offers many variations not illustrated. Through special cut-outs, offsets and tops. Most valance problems can be overcome. Also available no cut-out


Medium Size
see other cantilever bolts

38 Lock

A reasonably priced draw action lock with all rivets and tops completely covered. A clean, uncluttered design.

71 Lock

Flush fit lock and catch built with minimum height to fit snug and sure against box covering.
78 Lock
73-1 Lock
73-1 Lock
73-4 Lock
(For Tapered Shells)
Ideal for attaché and other small molded cases. 
73 Lock
73 Lock
73 3/4 Lock
Deep plate for offest or overlap top
70 Lock
New, attractive styling. Surface mounted with four rivets. Low priced. Combines quality with economy.

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