Complimenting our standard product line, American Handle directs a most important part of its capabilities toward the manufacture of custom designs and products, on an exclusive basis, for our discriminating customers. The standard styles are also modified to meet certain special requirements when called for.

ASSEMBLY 401-7415


Handle Style 401
The ultimate in strength for this type handle. It has an all steel shell that can be covered with our standard high quality material or your custom covering. Real stitching to match or contrast the material.

Hardware Style 7415
The brite finish on the deluxe hardware enhances the assembly further. Rugged two piece construction.

ASSEMBLY 310-9408


Handle Style 310
This most modern design dresses up any product. Its sculptured appearance lends itself to a wide variety of applications. Molded from strong, tough polypropylene.

Hardware Style 9408
Simple attachment needs only two fasteners. Also available with prongs, for super fast production, saving fastener expense. Lustrous corrosion resistant finishes available.

ASSEMBLY 307-7425


Handle Style 307
Perfect for electronic sound equipment. Handsomely designed to look good anywhere. It's made of polyethylene with a leather-like grain that blends with either brushed or polished hardware.

Hardware Style 7425
Available in two finishes, brushed satin or polished. Comes with or without an indent for initials.

ASSEMBLY 313-7425


Handle Style 313
Quality molded virgin polyethylene. Contemporary styling, economical too. Two tone handsome texturing. Oversized grip area for comfort.

Hardware Style 7425
Decorative cover cap has snap on feature. Closed cover cap ends conceal mounting bracket. Available in preplated polished finishes.

ASSEMBLY 311-7407


Handle Style 311
Strong and attractive polypropylene...eye pleasing design...custom colors available to your choice...enhance your case...scratch and shock resistant...

Hardware Style 7407
Hardware as shown available in prepolished corrosion resistant finishes...available with insert for initials.

ASSEMBLY 350-7415


Handle Style 350
Captures that "hand made" look in the heftiest of molded designs. At home on luggage and business cases, as well as bulky industrial and electronic applications.

Hardware Style 7415
Strength and good looks in a two piece "post loop" type mounting hardware. Finishes to your specification.

ASSEMBLY 304-1505


Handle Style 304
Molded in virgin polyethylene custom colors ... fine leather-like appearance ... slotted mounting holes to accommodate most types of hardware.

Hardware Style 1505
As shown, available in lustrous corrosion resistant finishes.

ASSEMBLY 308-1114


Handle Style 308
A virgin polyethylene handle ... contoured to travel ... a new and refreshing look ... colors available to your requirements. Slotted posts for use with various types of attachments.

Hardware Style 1114
Available in lustrous corrosion resistant finishes pre-assembled for added convenience.

ASSEMBLY 706-1517


Handle Style 706
Double handle styled of virgin polyethylene, with leather-like finish. Embossed stitch enhance the sophisticated design. The contour molding makes for easy carrying.

Hardware Style 1517
Staple slips through oval slots of handle and mounting plate. All metal finishes.

ASSEMBLY 367-1112


Handle Style 367
Inline with slim design trends and economically priced. Styled of virgin polyethylene. Curved fit-the-hand underside. Slim tapered sides, slotted base for easy attaching. Custom Colors to order.

Hardware Style 1112
Strong two piece construction easily assembled post-loop hardware. It comes in corrosion resistant lustrous finishes.

ASSEMBLY 305-1114


Handle Style 305
A new look for inexpensive handles. Virgin polyethylene contoured for comfortable carrying. This style is adaptable to many case designs. Has raised stitch, and is available in custom colors.

Hardware Style 1114
Post loops available in corrosion resistant finishes to your specifications. Assembles easily.


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